Publication: Portrait of a Profession

The Law Society of Ireland 1852 - 2002:

Portrait of a Profession


Includes a chronological listing of the names of the 8200 admitted to the Roll of Solicitors, 1952-2001

This portrait of the solicitors’ profession marks and celebrates the 150th anniversary of the charter of the Law Society of Ireland. It covers both the history of the profession and its extraordinary development in recent decades. The Law Society is the representative and regulatory body for solicitors, and has worked constantly for the highest educational and professional standards. Chapters describe the services it has provided for its members and its relations with the government over the years.

The story is told of the acquisition, development and refurbishment of its historic headquarters building at Blackhall Place in Dublin. One chapter focuses on the struggles of women to be admitted to the legal profession and on the increasing prominent role of women within it today. The growth of the profession has brought many challenges. There is a full commentary on current issues of the structure and organisation of the profession, and on its future outlook and prospects.

The book concludes with an appendix listing all those admitted to the Roll of Solicitors between 1952 and 2001, in alphabetical order, year by year. There are numerous photographs, in colour and black and white throughout the text.

ISBN 1-85182-695-5, 302pp Hardback

[This book, published by Four Courts Press in 2002, is out of print but available from Eamonn Hall. See Contact Details.]