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    Bart D. Daly, (editor) First Law (2006) Merchants Court, Merchants Quay, Dublin 8 ISBN 1-904480-37-3 Price: 175 Euro

    Bart D. Daly, barrister, (the editor of this present work), is a living legal ‘institution’ of some renown. He founded the Irish Law Reports Monthly in 1981 at a time when The Irish Reports, the so-called ‘official’ or ‘semi-official’ series of law reports of Ireland were in considerable arrears and reporting too few cases of significance.

    The Law Reporting Council of Ireland was officially informed in June 1981 by the Department of Justice of the proposed new series of reports - to be edited by Bart Daly and published by Irish Academic Press. The Council sought time to consider the matter and, in an unprecedented move, invited Bart Daly, the editor of the new series, to the meeting of the Council in the Benchers’ Room at the Four Courts on 6 July 1981. Daly informed the Council that the new publication would consist of law reports similar in form to the All England Reports and there would be a preference for shorter judgments. The arguments of Counsel would not be reported.

    Mr. Justice Thomas Finlay, then President of the High Court, was present at the meeting in his official capacity as an ex-officio member of the Council and informed Bart Daly that he and the Chief Justice, by virtue of their offices and independently of their roles as ex-officio members of Council, were concerned to ensure that the public presentation of the judgments of the judges of all courts attained a satisfactory standard of accuracy and comprehensives. Daly assured the President and the Chief Justice that his company would do all in its power to satisfy the concerns of the judges.

    After Daly left the meeting, the Council discussed the issue in some detail but eventually decided to give the Council’s approval in principle to the new series. A new ‘institution’ was born. It was a brave and bold move on the part of Bart Daly, and he succeeded and has developed other law-related ventures. This introduction gives the reader an example of Bart Daly’s energy, enthusiasm and drive - a background to this book.

    The Judgment Digest 2005 contains headnotes of over 450 judgments from the superior courts decided during the year under review and published on the First Law on-line service. Additionally there are headnotes of more than 80 Employment Appeal Tribunal determinations. The Digest is arranged by subject category and has a useful index. In addition, there is an alphabetical table of judgments, a table of cases cited and a table of legislation considered in the judgments.

    This is a most comprehensive digest of decisional law that affects (directly and indirectly) every man, woman and child in the land. Many practitioners will regard it as a ‘tailor-made’ reference for their queries in the context of the up-to-to-date status of judicial law.

    Dr. Eamonn G. Hall
    Chief Solicitor of Eircom Group Plc

    [This review was published in the Gazette of the Law Society of Ireland]