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Notary Related

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The Common Law and Civil Law Notary in the European Union: A Shared heritage and an Influential Future? A paper delivered to the Notaries Society of England and Wales, 17 September 2015, London.
An Introduction to Roman Law and its Contribution to the World
The Striking Off by the Chief Justice of Ireland of a Notary Public for Just Cause
The Office of Notary Public in Ireland: History, Powers and Functions
The Notary Public and Money Laundering
Reflections of an Irish Common Law Notary on the Notarial Profession
The Society of Regularly-Bred Practising Notaries in Ireland
The Drafting of Notarial Acts and Certificates with Specimen Notarial Acts and Certificates
The Certification of Educational Diplomas: The Apostille Convention and the Notary Public
Powers of Attorney
The Notarial Act: The 'Public Document' Concept: Legalisation: The Hague Apostille Convention of October 1961 and International Law
Intercountry Adoption and the Notary
Electronic Commerce, e-Notarisation and the e-Apostille
The Notary of Ireland

General - Law Related

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The Judge in Ireland
The Legal Trial
The Law Society of Ireland 1852-2002: Portrait of a Profession
Contempt of Court and the Legal Profession
Dishonest Politicians
Chinese Walls - Can they really exist ?
The Solicitor as Advocate
Denning: Helmsman of the Common Law?
In Praise of a Solicitor
Stark Warning for Solicitors Drafting Wills
Judging the matter
The Comatosed Patient: Disconnecting the Feeding Tubes
When did you last read the law reports?
Information Technology: Opportunities and Challenges: paper delivered on the occasion of the centenary of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, Dublin Castle, (May 1994)
The Majestic Guarantee: Freedom of Speech (The lifting of the broadcasting ban on Sinn Féin)(1995)
The present and Future Impact of EC Law on Telecommunications in Ireland (1995)
Utopia Beckons or are Barbarians at the Gate?: The Internet - Emerging Legal Issues (1995)

Book Reviews by Eamonn G Hall

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Legal Offaly: The County Courthouse at Tullamore and the Legal Profession on County Offaly from the 1820s to the present day (Michael Byrne)(2008);
King’s Inns and the Battle of the Books (Colum Kenny)(1972);
Judgment Digest 2005 (Bart D. Daly)(2006);
Sources for the Study of Crime in Ireland 1801-1921 (Dr Brian Griffin)(2005);
King’s Inns Barristers (1868-2004)(Kenneth Ferguson);
Constitutional Law of Ireland (David Gwynn Morgan)(1985);
The Irish Constitution (J. M. Kelly with G. W. Hogan and G Whyte)(1987);
Constitutional Law of Ireland (Michael Forde)(1987);
Constitutional Law of Ireland (James Casey)(1987);
The Constitution of Ireland 1937 - 1987 (Frank Litton, Ed)(1988);
Lies in a mirror: An Essay on Evil and Deceit (Peter Charleton)(2006);
The Irish Jurist
William Molyneux's